Cinemagraph; Effectiveness in Delivering Content Through Moving Image



Moving elements is a part of interactive approaches that attracts our view to discover more. Different approaches resulting variety of results in delivering information, for example still image is used for poster campaign and video is used for television commercial ads. Currently, still image and motion image (video) are the major media widely used especially in social media like in Instagram and Facebook. Cinemagraph technique is a new photography technique that comes a file that combines two media which is video and still image to become on moving image, use to attracts viewers at their first impressions. This study is focusing on the introduction of cinemagraph technique to be part of the new approaches especially in social media together with the other two media chose. Purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of these three media in delivering the content and see how far viewers reacts through the content presented. Results from this study is expected to help in gaining data to enhance the next future research, specialized in content study and the technic itself. As for the conclusions, this study is only discussed on the surface and not to deep digging as the main objective is to introduce the technic and identify the effectiveness of the media.


Keywords: Cinemagraph, Interactive, Moving Element, Media Approach, Moving Image.