The Dilemma of the Malaysian Bumiputera Furniture Industry Association (PETRA) in the Context of Design and Product Quality



Malaysia furniture exports performance show growth recently. The country's furniture exports increased to RM4.14 billion in the first five months of 2019 versus RM3.77 billion a year earlier. The furniture industry especially on exports market contributes largest number of values for Malaysia gross income through primary industries which is RM20.4 billion in 2018. However, the contributions of Bumiputera entrepreneurs towards the total value of Malaysia’s timber and furniture exports is still low at RM6.63 million or less than one percent. This scenario is becoming worst where majority of Bumiputera furniture entrepreneur still depending on government market without initiate on design innovation to expend their market globally. There are several factors that contributes to this small numbers which discusses previously in the others researcher findings based on several of Bumiputera Furniture Manufacturer responds. In this case, design and quality factors are the highest influences that contributes to the decline of export values and percentage on Bumiputera Furniture industry. Therefore, this purpose of the study is to discuss why PETRA lacked in the context of design and product quality. The significance of the study is to enhance design process in PETRA to make sure they can serve a better product in the market. In this regard, this paper discusses the preliminary findings of issues revealed from sample of case study. The findings are very important for future research direction to improve the capabilities in the context of design innovation for the association.


Keywords: Furniture Industry, Malaysia, Bumiputera, PETRA, Design Innovation