Interpreting the Batik Motif and Pattern in Mohd Nor Mahmud’s Painting: Pakai Semutar Kain Lepas



This study discusses the visual characteristic illustrated in a painting inspired from the traditional Malay batik design, called “Pakai Semutar Kain Lepas” created by Mohd Nor Mahmud. Visual analysis approach was chosen and highlighted through the application of line, shape, texture, balance, repetition and space. Indeed, the analysis discovered that the artwork expended with varieties of motifs design, which harmonized a unique pattern. The results also stated about seventeen motifs that were formed from the floral and pucuk rebung (bamboo shoots) motif. In fact, the composition was significantly composed based on five vertical panels within the landscape format. This painting was one of the artworks that was created through batik methods. This approach is actually an option in how batik was explored into fine art practice and was displayed in a gallery.


Keywords: Motif, Pattern, Painting Batik