Animation as Learning Aid in History Subject for Form One Students



The education system in Malaysia has changed rapidly over the past few years and the method of learning for history subject should reflect these changes. Students will enjoy and comprehend what they learn when they understand the contents and contexts of a topic. History refers to previous events in time that have occurred. In order to understand the past, students must recreate the situation that has occurred; if only they could travel back in time to witness the events first-hand. Through that approach, they are able to absorb and understand historical events but the element of time constraint makes this impossible. Owing to this, animation as a tool will be built in this study. The aim of this study is not to change the current learning system or teaching method, it is just to introduce an alternative method to students for learning the history subject outside of schools. The focus group in this study consists of Form One students. This thesis presents the animation as learning aids to educate students in the history subject and it is not only for entertainment. However, it focuses on the attempt to be effective in the learning process. This research will contribute to the first step of a larger research project in which learning aid tools will be developed from text forms to visualization through the animation medium.


Keywords: Education, Learning Aid, History Subject, Form 1 Student, Animation