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An Investigation of Utilising Hashtags to Enhance Teaching and Learning Experiences among Art Students



This paper aims to investigate the visibility of students’ artwork by utilising hashtags as a management tool to enhance their teaching and learning experiences. This study uses primary data analysis from 269 arts students from various universities in Malaysia who were randomly chosen. The questionnaires were distributed at these universities/colleges and sent online for the respondents to participate in the questionnaire. The data was analysed based on descriptive analysis such as frequency counts, validity and means by using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). Based on the preliminary study, students have indicated that they prefer the lecturers to incorporate social media in their teaching and learning as they found it more relaxing and entertaining. By encouraging students to include hashtags to label their artworks via social media, the visibility of their artwork will be enhanced thus improving the chance for them to be discovered by potential employers. This paper concludes that by using hashtags, there is a significantly high level of potential for teaching and learning to be a more fun and engaging learning experience where students connect, share their artworks, gather ideas and receive comments from a wider audience including their peers, artists or even experts in the field.


Keywords: Hashtag, social media, e-learning, art, teaching, learning.


Development of A Dynamic Wallpaper Selection Method with Measurement Features Using A Mobile Platform With Augmented Reality Technology



This study presents a dynamic wallpaper selection method with measurement features on a mobile platform using Augmented Reality Technology. Many wallpaper sellers only use catalogues that easily complicate a customer’s selection process since customers cannot imagine how a wallpaper would look when mounted on the wall in their homes. This study aims to help customers save time by using their smartphones to select wallpapers before they actually go to the shop to purchase the wallpaper. A crucial step in the purchase of wallpaper using smartphones would be to use Augmented Reality with measuring features through mobile applications. This paper focuses on two main goals, namely to help customers save time while choosing a wallpaper using Augmented Reality (AR), and assisting customers to visualise what the wallpaper would look like once mounted on the walls in their homes. This study used a mix-method approach and applied the online survey method involving Universiti Sains Malaysia undergraduate students (n=20). Problem values, the use of calculation tools and the advantage of improved realism were evaluated and the average percentage was measured.


Keywords: Dynamic, Wallpaper, Augmented Reality, Mobile, Environment