BA243 - Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.) Human Resource Management

In managing today’s human resource problems, organizations must rely on professional human resource staff. The management of people is interesting and challenging. Human resource managers are expected not only to formulate but implement policies. The Faculty of Business Management, UiTM offers the programme of Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.) Human Resource Management to answer to this need. This programme is designed to produce graduates equipped with the necessary broad–based and specialized knowledge and skills in Human Resource Management to become human resource professionals in an international environment.

Among the courses offered are Strategic Management, Human Resource Development, Performance Management, Compensation Management, Industrial Relations, Employment Law and Current Issues in HRM. Since this programme emphasizes skills in Human Resource Management, the students are also trained in Computer Applications, Public Speaking and Interviewing and they are required to undergo practicum in related organizations. Graduates will be able to fill job vacancies at executive level in any Human Resource Department in any organization.

Program Overview
This program covers:
  1. Recruitment & Selection
  2. Compensation & Benefits
  3. Industrial Relations
  4. Strategic Human Resource Management
  5. Organizational Behavior
  6. Human Resource Development
  7. Employment Law
  8. Change & Organizational Development
  9. Perfomance Development

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