MC 110 - Diploma Komunikasi & Media

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MC 110 – Diploma Komunikasi & Media

Programme Details

The Faculty of Communication and Media Studies offers various courses aimed at helping its students develop their talents and extend their understanding of the processes and practices of various aspects of mass communication. Students in this programme will undergo five semesters of studies in order to graduate with Diploma in Communication and Media. The faculty requires students to undertake three components of courses during the two and half-year programmes. These components are the requirements of university courses, faculty core courses and programme core courses.


Students are exposed to courses such as Sociology, Introduction to Communication & Media Studies as well as Public Speaking, English, English Translation, religious studies are also taught besides co-curriculum activities.

Semester 2

Students are introduced to courses for example Psychology, Communication Theory, Photo Communication, Interpersonal Communication and Communication Management.

Semester 3

In this semester, student requires to study Instructional Communication, News Writing and Reporting, Public Relations and Journalism

Semester 4

In continuation, students are exposed to Graphic and Media Design, Communication Research, Publishing, Issues in Modern Malaysia, Event Management, Advertising and Broadcasting.

Semester 5

In final semester, students are given the opportunity to apply the principles of Multimedia Design and Production, Marketing, Digital Audio Video Production and Professional Project