BM 222 - Sarjana Muda Pentadbiran Perniagaan (Kepujian) (Kewangan)

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Programme Details

This programme is designed to equip students with a broad knowledge in the field of finance to enable them to either find employment at various organisations or to pursue higher tertiary qualification. Graduates in this discipline will be exposed to the critical finance concepts and strategies and apply them to real world situations through case studies and cooperation with outside organisations.

Course Outline

The first year provides a foundation in finance related disciplines necessary for the understanding of the finance subjects studied in the second and final year. Students from a wide variety of educational background are all brought up to a common standard during the first two semesters. This enables us to accept students without specific subject pre- requirements.


In the first year students will study fourteen courses encompassing a range of subjects fundamental to the students' understanding of finance. These subjects cover Business Law, Economics, Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Principles and Practice of Marketing, Principles and Practice of Management, Quantitative Business Analysis and Introduction to Operations Management or Introduction to International Business. Students will also develop a range of personal skills vital for success in any business and finance career. Students will learn essential aspects of Information Technology in Business and develop their computing skills. Students will also have the opportunity to study a foreign language at the beginners and intermediate level.


(Semester 3 and 4)

In the second year, students will focus their studies more explicitly on Finance courses and major areas, developing and deepening their understanding of the subjects from which they choose to specialize. Semester three consist of Corporate Finance, Real Estate Finance, Management of Financial Institutions and Introduction to Human Resource Management.


Semester four courses consist of Managerial Economics, Investment Analysis, Personal Development and others. Students will also continue the study of a foreign language and religious studies.


In the fifth semester, students will study seven courses encompassing a wide range of subjects to enable a better understanding of finance.


Meanwhile, in the final semester, students will have to complete a project paper on any area of finance. Final semester courses consist of Portfolio Management and Application, Personal Finance, Issues in Finance and Financial Statement Analysis.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this programme will have the opportunity to work at finance oriented organisations, such as financial institutions, consulting firms, hotels and tourism industries and manufacturing firms.

Admission Requirements

Minimum qualification for STPM candidates:
  1. Passed SPM or its equivalent with credits in English, Mathematics and Bahasa Malaysia / Bahasa Melayu.
  2. STPM, passed in General Paper and a pass in two (2) other subjects with a CGPA of 2.67 including Accountancy/ Economics/Business.
  3. Have taken MUET.


  1. Passed with a Diploma from UiTM or other institutions recognised as its equivalent by the government with a minimum CGPA of 2.60. Candidates who do not comply would with the above requirement would need to have at least 2 years working experience.
  2. Have taken MUET.
  3. Credits in Bahasa Melayu / Bahasa Malaysia