BM 221 - Sarjana Muda Pentadbiran Perniagaan (Kepujian) (Insuran)

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Programme Details

This programme has been specially designed for students who are interested to venture into the field of insurance. It aims to provide students with an understanding of the principles and practice of various classes of insurance and insurance-related activities, as well as knowledge of risk management, business management, business statistics and management information systems.

The curriculum includes three months of practical training with an insurance company to equip students with practical knowledge of insurance company operations.

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) UK recognizes the BBA (Hons) Insurance. Graduates are given exemption of 7 subjects or 210 credits from 10 subjects or 290 credits to be awarded the Advance Diploma in Insurance of The CII. Once awarded with the Advance Diploma in Insurance, students can apply for membership of The CII and will be entitled to use the designation of ACII. Students can also apply for “Chartered Insurer” status and have the option to proceed towards the attainment of fellowship of the institute.

Course Outline

Year 1
(Semester 1 and Semester 2)

The first semester provides students with a range of courses fundamental to understanding of business. The courses covered in this semester are a third language, English, Accounting, Business Law, IT in Business and Economics as well as co-curriculum. In the second semester, students will study courses that provide a foundation in business related disciplines necessary for the understanding of the more focused business subjects in the second and third year. The courses covered in the second semester are management, marketing, statistics, finance and basic insurance courses. Students also need to learn a third language.

Year 2
(Semester 3 and Semester 4)

The third semester focusses on business operations and functional areas so as to develop and deepen students’ understanding of insurance courses. The third semester covers insurance law, property insurance, life and health insurance, safety management, public speaking and managerial economics. Students are also required to continue with the third language. The fourth semester focuses on more specialized courses in insurance such as marine & aviation insurance, liability insurance, property insurance and pecuniary insurance. This semester also covers courses such as job application and Tamadun Islam I.

Year 3
(Semester 5 and Semester 6)

The fifth semester focuses on the theory and practice of insurance at an advanced level, and includes courses on risk management, motor insurance, reinsurance and marine insurance. Students will also study other courses as a preparation to do a project paper in semester six. The courses are strategic management and research methodology. In semester six, students are required to undergo practical training with either an insurance company or insurance broker or insurance department in any organization for 3 months. They are also required to complete a project paper with topics related to insurance.

Career Opportunities

Job opportunities include supervisory and middle level management positions in insurance companies, insurance broking firms, insurance agencies, loss adjusting firms, financial institutions. Graduates from this programme may also have the opportunity to work in the risk management and insurance departments of multinational corporations, government bodies and public authorities.

Admission Requirements

Minimum qualification for STPM candidates:
  1. Passed SPM or its equivalent with credits in English, Mathematics and Bahasa Malaysia / Bahasa Melayu.
  2. STPM, passed in General Paper and a pass in two (2) other subjects with a CGPA of 2.67 including Accountancy/ Economics/Business.
  3. Have taken MUET.


  1. Passed with a Diploma from UiTM or other institutions recognised as its equivalent by the government with a minimum CGPA of 2.60. Candidates who do not comply would with the above requirement would need to have at least 2 years working experience.
  2. Have taken MUET.
  3. Credits in Bahasa Melayu / Bahasa Malaysia