AD 117 - Diploma Fotografi dan Pengimejan Kreatif

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Programme Details

If you are serious about photography, either passionate or amateur, artisans, or anywhere in between, you would probably without a doubt, use photography as a medium for exchange of ideas and communication. This programme was developed through conventional features of the photography's past to the current ad contemporary usage of digital means of desktop publishing. The promise of diploma level in photography will introduce you to the exciting world of photography and its career options for your creative future. This programme, without a doubt, will instill the appropriate preparation to produce outstanding imageries and works that show dedication and learning of processes in producing knowledgeable, innovation and creative graduates.

Career Opportunities

  • Press Photographer
  • Advertising Photographer
  • Wedding Photographer
  • Photo-Assistant Stock Photographer
  • Photo-Tutors
  • Professional Assistant Producer
  • Photography Entrepreneur
  • Freelance Photographer