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The Academy of Language Studies (ALS) (formerly known as Language Centre) started its operation at Jalan Hang Tuah on 15th of August 1985. In its early days of establishment in UiTM Melaka, the ALS was led by Dr. David Loh Er Fu. Its current coordinator, Puan Sumarni Maulan, is the 12th ALS' Head of Servicing Codes. The ALS offers language courses including English, Malay, Arabic, Mandarin and Japanese to students from various fields.

Various strategies and efforts have been taken by the ALS to fully support students through activities that could strengthen their language proficiency especially in listening, speaking, reading and writing. The activities include public speaking, debate, essay writing and seminar. At the same time, the ALS lecturers are actively taking part in planning and implementing activities that supplement student learning. 

The ALS has a total of 80 lecturers across three campuses, Kampus Alor Gajah, Kampus Bandaraya Melaka and Kampus Jasin. The ALS always ensures that all of its lecturers are well-equipped in preparing UiTM graduates who are proficient in the languages in order to fulfill the needs of global market.



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