BA115 - Diploma In Business Studies (Insurance)

Insurance is a dynamic and exciting business. As the population ages and wealth grows, the demand for insurance professionals will increase dramatically. Jobs in insurance involve helping individuals and businesses manage risk to protect themselves from catastrophic losses and to anticipate potential risk problems. The Diploma in Business Studies (Insurance) offered by the Faculty of Business Management, UiTM, is a three-year programme designed to provide students with an understanding of business disciplines relevant to commerce and industry as well as broad-based insurance education.

Job opportunities include supervisory and junior management position in insurance companies, insurance broking firms, insurance agencies, loss adjusting firms and financial institutions. In other business organizations, government bodies and public authorities, candidates have the opportunity to work in the risk management and insurance departments.

This program covers:

  1. Fundamentals of Takaful
  2. Fire Insurance
  3. Property & Pecuniary
  4. Insurance
  5. Legal Aspects of Insurance
  6. Insurance of Transport
  7. Insurance of Liability
  8. Life Insurance Practice 

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