BA118 - Diploma In Office Management And Technology

The programme of Diploma in Office Management and Technology offered by the Faculty of Business Management, UiTM, focuses on the office administration of any organization, with emphasis on office procedures, office management, office automation, office competencies, communication, personality development, and second as well as third language.

Students enrolling in the programme would have a great learning experience since they will be trained and guided in a friendly environment. The programme has been recognized by various industries since it was first offered, and this reflects the importance of office administration and management in all types of organizations. As such, the programme is offered as a full-time as well as a part-time basis. It is a three-year programme which learning activities include lectures, actual problem solving, seminars, internship, and hands-on experience.

Student graduating from the programme would have promising careers in any organization with excellent opportunities for advancement. Well-prepared graduates will have a choice of positions such as Executive Officer, Personal Assistant and Executive Secretary.

This program covers:

  1. Office Management
  2. Office Procedures
  3. Office Automation
  4. Malay Language for Office Management
  5. Document Processing
  6. Executive Note-Taking
  7. Records Management for Office Professionals
  8. Office Software Applications

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