HM111 - Diploma in Tourism Management

The Diploma in Tourism Management programme was introduced in 1976. This two and the half year programme expose students to the world of tourism. The programme was designed to provide students with comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge and hands-on experience at operational and management levels. Since then, this programme has developed an excellent reputation within the tourism industry in the country for the quality of the graduates.

Further, the programme intention is to produce graduates who are skilled or semiprofessionals in the tourism industry. Students are able to apply the knowledge, understanding and practical experience in the provision of quality products and services to government agencies and the hospitality industry. 

The curriculum offers a balance between knowledge and practical application to ensure that students are well equipped with knowledge and hands-on experience, hence able to obtain immediate employment in the hospitality industry upon graduation. In addition, the industrial training programme will provide students with valuable experience, which will assist them in their career planning as well as full time job opportunities. Through its strong curriculum design that involves participation from the industry and various stakeholders, students will have an exciting career opportunity at management, supervisory and administrative positions in the tourism industry.

Graduates are expected to fulfil the following outcomes upon graduation:

  • Able to identify and distinguish products and services in the tourism industry.
  • Able to apply technical skills and hands on task on the travel and tour operations.
  • Able to demonstrate ability to design and implement conflict resolution in tourism industry.
  • Able to communicate effectively with individuals, guests and public in oral and written presentations.
  • Able to recognize the impact of tourism industry in a global, environmental and society context using social skills and responsibility
  • Able to demonstrate positive attitude,strong work ethics and values.
  • Able to identify current trends and acquire long life learning on tourism information management issues.
  • Able to demonstrate self confident, independent, creative and innovative managerial and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Able to exercise dynamic leadership and teamwork for the effective operation of travel alliances and hospitality industry.

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