HM241 - Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Tourism Management

The Tourism Management department in the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management was established in 1974. It was the first tourism management programme introduced in Malaysia. The programme started with Diploma in Tourism Administration, followed by Certificate in Travel Operation in 1985 and since, the programme has been and will continue to produce and supply quality tourism graduates to meet the growing employment demand and needs in the tourism industry.

This programme concentrates on broad coverage of tourism industry that includes computerized fares and ticketing, event management, park and recreation, e-tourism, human resources, sales and marketing, and professional development. Served by qualified lecturers with PhDs and Masters in Tourism, this programme prepares the graduates a wide array of professional careers in travel agencies, private clubs and resorts, conference centres and airline industries.

Apart from the programme offered, the faculty is the first education institution in Malaysia that uses the Online Reservation System (ORS) in class learning and training purposes that is in line with the need for a paradigm shift from traditional classroom learning to real-time hands-on practice. The Online Reservation System is accessible by students for training purposes. Since UiTM is the only Institution of Higher Learning in Malaysia that has the access to use the online (real-time) facility, the programme prepares the students with a hands-on training and access to the real-time online ORS system facilities and ability to master the basic reservation and ticketing procedures.

Graduates are expected to fulfil the following outcomes upon graduation:

  • Identify, distinguish and evaluate the development of the tourism industry locally and internationally.
  • Acquire and able to apply travel, technical and operational skill in the travel and tour operations and airline industry.
  • Apply appropriate research and problem solving techniques in the tourism industry.
  • Display effective and supportive communication and decision-making skills.
  • Demonstrate positive professional image, attitude, responsibilities and teamwork to support the organisational goals.
  • Display strong work ethics, values and professionalism in the organisation where they are employed.
  • Participate in the lifelong learning towards information management of the tourism industry.
  • Demonstrate self-confidence, independence, creative and innovative managerial and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Demonstrate leadership and supervisory skills in the organisation.

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