BA232 - Bachelor in Office Systems Management (Hons.)

Universiti Teknologi MARA offers a Bachelor’s Degree with a major in Office Systems Management through the Faculty of Business Management. It is a unique programme as it blends both the technical and managerial perspectives of office systems. In addition, it is the first degree programme offered in Malaysia that specializes in the area of office management and technology. Currently, no other local universities of colleges offer a similar programme. Being pioneers in this field, students majoring in this programme will have vast opportunities to explore and discover many aspects of office systems, which have not been given prominence before.

There are three broad areas covered by this programme : Administrative Management, Computer and Information Technology and Business Management and Communication. Each areas will equip students with enough knowledge, information and skill necessary and relevant for related industries. Various teaching and learning methodologies via lectures, actual problem-solving, seminars and office practicum, no applicant should miss the chance to enrol in this programme.

Students graduating from the programme would have promising careers in any organization, with excellent opportunities for advancement. The shortage of skilled office systems professionals ensures that well-prepared graduates will have a choice of positions as Administrative Office Managers, Office Services and General Admin Executives, Admin/Corporate Services Executive and Chief Office Support. Highly motivated graduates may be promoted to Head of Department of Chief Information Officer, reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

This program covers:

  1. Information & Communication Technologies in Organizations
  2. Management for Administrative Professionals
  3. End User Applications
  4. Administrative Management
  5. Human Resource Management
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. Organizational Behavior
  8. Administrative Operating Systems
  9. Networking & Telecommunication Systems
  10. Project Management 

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