C110 - Diploma in Computer Science

The world of computing today demands programmers not only to be competent in software development but at the same time possess a strong fundamental in problem solving. This Diploma in Computer Science program prepares students for the challenging tasks by providing courses from the abstraction level up until implementation and deployment. The content designed for the curriculum covers the courses such as basic computing, programming, operating systems, networking, database, as well as Mathematics and English.

These courses, together with extra curricular activities, will shape the students into strong and versatile individuals that are capable to cope with the demanding computing work environment. As part of the curriculum, the students will also be stationed at various software houses and offices around the country to let them feel a real work environment. 

Diploma in Computer Science holders are needed in both private and public sector. There are many career opportunities available for graduates of this programme since most organizations will require IT personnels.

ICT introduces new ways for doing business resulting in many new job designations. Among the many designations that may be filled by the graduates are: Web Designer, Programmers, Technical Writers, System Analysts and other related posts. Diploma holders can also pursue their studies at a higher level.


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