BA246 - Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.) International Business

The Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.) International Business is a three–year programme offered by The Faculty of Business Management, UiTM, designed for students who are interested to venture into the field of international business. The programme equips students with a diverse range of knowledge on how industries and government operate in the global marketplace, as well as practical skills to prepare graduates for the demands of tomorrow’s business world.

Graduates can expect to find employment at multinational corporations, at home and abroad, in the field of international trade, global marketing, business management and business consultancy.

Program Overview
This program covers:
  1. International Economics
  2. Intercultural Management
  3. Global Market Places
  4. International Business Negotiations
  5. International Trade Framework
  6. International Investment
  7. Global Business Strategy
  8. Issues in International Business
  9. Global Marketing

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