CS255 - Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.) Data Communication and Networking

At present and even more in the future, smart phones, PDAs and tablet devices is getting common and they will be the media for pervasive/ubiquitous computing. This means that the information and business operations will be available at anywhere and anytime. This scenario creates a huge demand of Data Communication & Networking graduates within the communications industries, including software and hardware companies as well as telecommunications and other communications-based industries. 

The programme has the following objectives, to produce graduates:

  • with strong principles of data communications and networking that lead to and sustain a productive networking career
  • with effective communication, interpersonal and time management skill
  • with professional attitude and ethics who will provide significant contribute for benefit of humanity
  • with good leadership qualities and work in a team
  • who are adaptable and adequately prepared to join the local as well as the global workforce
  • with technopreneurship capability
  • with problem solving and critical thinking skill


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