BA002 / BA003 - Pre Diploma In Commerce

The Pre-Higher Education (PPT) program offers study opportunities to candidates to continue their studies at UiTM. There are two (2) programs offered for the Pre-Diploma level, namely Pre-Diploma in Science and Pre-Diploma in Commerce.

The duration of study is for 1 semester (6 months). Admission to this program is 2 times a year in March and September.

B40 Features:

  • Free tuition fees throughout the study (1 semester)
  • Free dormitory facilities
  • Monthly / subsistence allowance

Students who pass the Pre-Diploma Program have the opportunity to further their studies to the UiTM Diploma level. There are 66 Diploma programs to choose from. The Pre-Higher Education Program (PPT) is a program that was formerly known as UiTM's Changing Destiny of Children (MDAB).

It is a university CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program based on the belief that an individual is capable of striving to achieve excellence through the transfer of knowledge and the application of noble values.

Apart from that, this program also aims to provide opportunities for students - students from the less able to continue their studies to a higher level.


Student Enrollment Brochure

Student enrollment brochure.

Application Form

Application form.


Interested to be part of our family? Register now! You can make online registration through the Students' Admission Portal (Portal Kemasukan Pelajar) or Program Pra Pengajian Tinggi Office website. Please ensure that you have read carefully and understand all the terms and conditions before filling up the forms. We are very keen to see you in the next intake session. See you soon!