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Fakulti Pengurusan Hotel & Pelancongan (FPHP)

FPHP - The Management

The Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism (FPHP) was established in 1967 to increase the trained staff to meet the rapid needs in the hospitality, food preparation and tourism industries in Malaysia. UiTM Cawangan Melaka has now grown rapidly since its inception in 1984. Thus, to meet the demand for skilled workers in the field of tourism, FPHP provides opportunities to individuals who are interested and determined to pursue higher education in in the field of hospitality.

FPHP UiTM Cawangan Melaka was established in November 1996 by offering Hotel Management Certificates to a total of 28 students. However, the program was transferred to UiTM Shah Alam when UiTM Cawangan Melaka introduced the Diploma in Tourism Management in 1999 with a intake of 22 students. Subsequently, in July 2004 a total of 18 students were recruited for the Tourism Operations Certificate course but again transferred the program to the main faculty in Shah Alam in June 2006. 



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