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Fakulti Seni Lukis dan Seni Reka (FSSR)

FSSR - The Management

Nowadays, art education and courses are blooming rapidly in both public and privates institutions in Malaysia. This scenario reflects the needs and interests in art and design in the country’s development indeed. Faculty of Art & Design or fondly known as AD, Universiti Teknologi MARA Melaka, which was founded in 1984, has resulted in many great achievements to the university and the country through various academic and artistic activities.

The main focus of this faculty is to prioritize excellence in teaching and learning, encouraging research as well as nurturing human capital aligned with UiTM’s requirements, as a pioneer in the field of art and design in this country.The faculty offers various programs ranging from diploma to degree, producing graduates who are viable to the diverse market sectors. Hence, skilled human resources who are assets to the faculty play a big role in nurturing competence, knowledgeable, integrity and excellent personality in each student. AD always strive to achieve the vision in enlisting UiTM as a world-class university.

Apart from emphasizing on the quantity and quality aspects in terms of academic and individual potential, the faculty also aims to empower the knowledge dimension towards entrepreneurial culture which may provide high returns as well as increasing social mobility in society. Today, AD is always on the track to be the world-class art reference centre with a more proactive, creative and innovative approaches, parallel to the status of a developed nation. Therefore, various strategies are designed to strengthen and enhance the capabilities of the faculty in the spectrum of religion, nation and country, as a whole.



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