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PPS - The Management

UiTM takes pride in its establishment as one of the premier institutions of higher education in the country. Although the history of UiTM dates back to 1956, the genesis and growth of the Institute of Graduate Studies can be traced to April 1997. Prior to this, graduate education in UiTM was carried out in collaboration with a number of foreign universities and the programmes offered were, namely:

Executive Master of Business Administration (Ohio University - ITM)
Master of Business Administration (University of Cardiff - ITM)
Master in Arts Education (De Montfort University - ITM)
Master in Accountancy (Curtin University - ITM)
Master in Mass Communication (Ohio University - ITM)
Master in Sports Science (University of New South Wales - ITM)

It was the passing and ratification of the ITM Act in 1976/1997/1999 that laid the foundation for the establishment of IPSis. Although being relatively new, the Institute prides itself as being progressive, dynamic and innovative in fulfilling its aims of providing opportunities for Bumiputera graduates to further their education at the Master and Doctoral levels.

This thus endorses its vision of engendering academic excellence and being at the forefront of graduate academic advancement. In striving to raise the levels of professional graduate education, it is the Institutes mission to nurture the creation of a graduate learning community by providing educational opportunities that would help to push its frontiers for societal well-being.

IPSis operates as the nerve-centre of graduate-level education in the institution and is responsible for the implementation and management of overall administration. It coordinates and formulates policies on admission and academic regulations, as well as provides support to facilitate research and learning among postgraduate students.



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